EMG Referral Network

Get Paid Real Money to Refer Us Customers!

Refer Us Customers Anywhere in the USA!

We Ship Everyday and Ship Free on Most Orders!

It is super easy to get started and the best part is it is FREE!

We pay commissions directly into your PayPal account.  We pay commissions every Monday.  It really can be like getting extra paycheck every week.

The way it works is simple.  If you know someone (what we mean by knowing someone is that when we 
"drop" your name they will know who you are)
that has a need for the services we offer just complete the REFER US A POTENTIAL CUSTOMER form on this page and we take care of the rest.   We will reach out to them and most likely land them as an account.  When we do you will be paid 10% of every one of their orders for the next SIX months.   


This is a totally anonymous program.  The NEW Customer has no knowledge of commissions being paid from their purchases.  They are getting the best prices, best service and best quality that you come to expect from EMG and you are getting paid.  Everyone Wins!


Keep referring us customers like David Wright has done during our program's test period, and you might have results like he has had making over $7,000 in the last 5 months. 


You never know what this could turn into, but it is FREE and we love "loving" on our customers.  So, let us pay you to spread the word about us!

Refer Us a Potential Customer

Start Now, go ahead and reach out to your business friends and tell them about us.


Then let them know we will be contacting them to drop off a price guide and note pads. 

We recommend sending us referrals that you have a relationship with. 


Next, send us the information in the electronic form on this page.

All cold referrals (referrals that have no idea who you are) will be rejected.

We have marketing tools available to you such as price guides, post cards and business cards.  We want to make sure you have anything you need to build your commissions up.  

Just let us know what you need they are FREE.

After you create your Affiliate account. 

Install this AP on your mobile device so you can access your Virtual Business Office.

This will allow you to track your commissions in real time on your mobile device.

The STORE ID is :  44266 



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